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Monday, 11 June 2007

Lottie has been up to loads over the weekend. First of all she ripped up my calendar Friday night while i was sleeping

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Then she got in the cupboard where i keep the glasses an refused to come out.
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I took Lottie to my Mum's yesterday she sat out in the garden with me until she started panting where she had got too hot, well she does have a thick fur coat on i suppose! She was quite well behaved at my mum's actually. Apart from hissing at my other Charlie who stays at my Mum's house. Charlie didn't do anything back he is very friendly to other cats, always letting cats in the house having parties i think!

Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Yesterday was pretty quiet in the Lottie/Lucy household. Until....


They decided to wake up and go loopy at 10pm they didn't stop running up and down the stairs chasing each other for an hour. I managed to catch them on video fighting, and my favourite part is Lottie slipping and falling of the windowsill, that will teach her for being naughty and trying to eat my plants!

Saturday, 2 June 2007

Lottie Sunbathing

Lottie is out on the balcony sunning herself as i write this, she is watching the birds flying from the trees on to our roof very exciting stuff for my indoor cat.

I ended up sitting one of my plants next to me on the sofa because she kept attacking it the naughty girl.

We are all very hot today we have the fans going and Lucy is very restless trying to get cool.

Friday, 1 June 2007

Well I've been out for most of yesterday and today so haven't seen what Lottie has been getting up to! She did start fighting with Lucy at about 9 last night and insisted on jumping on top of the TV and trying to knock everything off of the shelves above :-( Not good when you are trying to watch a programme.

She has slept most of the morning on the bed with me being very good so far.. will probably come alive as soon as the football starts later, she likes to chase the little men on the telly.

Lottie left the footballers alone tonight thank god else she would have been shouted at! She played with her Da Bird toy for a while, she is getting very good at jumping now she gets really high and spins and twists herself in the air she is really flexible! When i went to stroke her she thought i was going to take the toy away so she picked up the feathery part and run of with it to the other room with the stick trailing behind her!

Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Lottie's stash of foil

I have just finished moving the living room around with the help of my little Lottie who stashed about 20 foil balls and straws under the sofa's. As i was moving things around she was getting them stuck back under everything and generally getting under my feet.

The flowers are now in the bin as she just wouldn't leave them alone!

She is waking Lucy up now by biting her ears :-( poor old Lucy.

Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Yesterday the cats had a fight i got them on video so will post it here...

Lottie is eating my flowers (again!) as i write this...will post more later.

Lottie helped make the bed today, well when i say helped i mean made a mess of the whole thing, as i was trying to tuck the sheet under she was under the sheet chasing my hands! She then feel asleep under the duvet.

Monday, 28 May 2007

Well Lottie has been good so far today....there is still many hours to go though :-)

She didn't want to get out of the bathroom when i had my shower but i kicked her out! She watched me do my make up and sniffed all the brushes and lotions.

She is now asleep on the bed with Luke, Lucy has been asleep since breakfast on the sofa.

Lottie sleeping

Lottie sleeping