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Sunday, 27 May 2007

Lottie got shut in the cupboard this morning i heard lots of scratching at the door she was very grumpy when i opened the door. She then chased me upstairs and tried to get the iron and then decided to sleep on the clothes which were nice and warm i told her off and she sulked.

We had custard after dinner today which lottie thought tasted very nice, i also gave in and gave her a tiny bit of beef then she kept begging for more! I think she thought we were being greedy!

She had a fight with lucy while i was trying to watch dvd's they were rolling around on the floor in front of the TV.............trying to make as much noise as possible. She finally got all our attention when she started eating the plants.

She is now knocking down all my birthday cards and ripping them up while we are trying to watch Lost. urrrghhh!

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Otterwhiskers said...

What a great start to Lottie's blog! I look forward to reading all about her adventures - I have a feeling you will not be short of stories to tell us!!!

Otters, Alaska and Baggy XXX

Lottie sleeping

Lottie sleeping